Trendy Customizable Lightbox (2 Models) - A6 Size - Lighting

Trendy customizable Lightbox - A4 or A6 size - Customised quote


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Trendy Customizable Light Box (2 models), A4 (29.9×22×4.1cm) size, A6 (15×10.5×4cm) size, customized quote, LED bulb lighting, 5 watt power, AAA batteries

Customizable Light Box allows you to light up your home with the words of your choice. The key features of the product may be listed as follows:

  • The customizable light box for your home décor is available in two models- the A4 and the A6 sizes.
  • The larger A4 size has a length of 29.9cm, breadth of 22cm and thickness of 4.1cm, whereas the product in its A6 rendition has a length, breath and depth of 15cm, 10.5cm and 4cm respectively.
  • A quote, according to your own preferred taste, can add a personal touch to your household décor. It is styled in bold black letters, back lit with white coloured LED bulbs.
  • Included as an accessory of the light box itself, the bulbs have a voltage of 5V and consume power equivalent to 5 watt.
  • The product works on AAA batteries and bathes the surroundings in the emitted white light.

The light box is a trendy addition to your home decor. By customizing the bold black letters to adorn the walls of your living room or bedroom with your favorite quote, you can make sure to add a personal touch to the often impersonal, modern design of your home. The product is sure to draw attention to itself and automatically becomes the centerpiece of whichever room of your house it occupies. The white light creates a soothing and calming environment for you and your guests, an enjoyable addition to a relaxed night-in at home.


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