Mirror Shapes & How They Coordinate With Different Home Design Styles


Everything You Need To Know About Mirror Shapes & How They Coordinate With Different Home Design Styles or Decor Motifs

Mirrors can make a room appear bigger and more inviting by tricking the eye with the reflection of light. The only thing is not all mirrors are created equal. Some coordinate well with certain decorating themes, while others can be styled according to the look you're trying to achieve. It all comes down to the design. Need some inspiration? Check out these popular mirror shapes and how you can use them to decorate your home.



Rectangle mirrors are probably the most common. Though the shape is versatile, it's the details that speak for each design. For example, a rectangular mirror with a glitzy beaded border is going to offer a more elegant presentation than a rectangular mirror placed in a wooden frame.



Rounded mirrors pair perfectly with nautical or coastal décor schemes. Resembling portals of ships, round mirrors capture the eye and create a visual illusion of balance. However, round mirrors have the ability to also complement various other types of design – from urban and edgy to sweet and dreamy. Again, it all depends on the details.



Presenting an elongated shape, oval mirrors up the ante with a bit more grace and glamour. Perfect for homes with a vintage, nostalgic Old Hollywood or Parisian theme, oval mirrors bring a touch of refinement to your décor.



Looking for a statement mirror that stands out from the others? If so, you're in luck. We carry a variety of mirrors in shapes you don't see everyday. Venerated for its peculiarity and unusual style, our hexagonal KODA mirror is ultimately both a piece of artwork and a functional mirror.


The shape of your mirror makes a difference. Use our design ideas to help you determine which mirror shape best suites your set up and then browse our collections to find the mirrors that meet your every need without breaking the bank.

Enjoy! And don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us! 


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